BL- Why Have a Coach

Want to know the difference between buying a program and lasting change? A Free Beachbody Coach. Seriously.

I know this sounds like a sell tactic but when you sign up to have a coach, you are not getting a salesman. In fact, that’s one of the LAST things good coaches do. You are getting a support system. You are getting daily accountability. You are getting a friend.

Coaches have BEEN THERE. They are going through the journey with you so they know how hard it is. So, they know what you need to hear to keep going.

I have built a private Facebook community called BabeLife that is free for everyone who signs me up as their coach. In this community, you can be completely vulnerable. No one outside the community can see what you post. Inside the community is a wealth of information, inspiration, recipes, workout tips, accountability and people just like you sharing their struggles and successes. We will CALL YOU OUT if you are not posting and are falling back into old habits. We will lift you up if you need help. We will give you all the support you need to succeed.

Join the movement! Make lasting change. You don’t need to buy to join. Just register me as your coach and send me a message. Make a move. Make a change.