There is no such thing as work/life balance

Ah, the elusive work/life balance. We hear so much about it. Either talking about family, or overtime, we strive to not get overworked in any one area of our life so we can stay on top of everything.

The truth is, it’s utter bullshit.

There is no such thing as work/life balance.

In this day and age when you are expected to pull down 6 figures, host Pinterest-worthy birthday parties for your kids, have steamy hot sex with your husband 3 times a week while maintaining a home that Martha Stewart would envy, there is just no fucking way to get it all done.

And why would you want to? It sounds exhausting.

After reading about this work/life balance for years and listening to podcasts from some amazing female entrepreneurs, I have realized that it just does not exist.

At a recent Super Saturday put on by the local Beachbody community, one coach put it beautifully. All of these aspects of your life do not fit on a scale to be balanced back and forth. It is a pendulum and you just swing to the area, which needs you most in the moment.

Maybe one month you are working 60-hour workweeks and the next you are making every recital and soccer game for your kids. You need to set your priorities based on what needs your attention the most.

I have a 4 year old with another on the way. Right now, my career is taking a back seat. It is frustrating because I want to make more money and contribute more to the financial health of our family. But with the amount of sick days my kid has from daycare and the stress I am about to be under with a newborn, there is just no way for me to be investing all my energy in my career.

However, as my kids get older and need me less and less (cue the tears) I will be able to dive a little deeper into my professional goals.

And the truth is, I am still working now! There is a lot I can do to further my career and income in small ways. I can get creative and life hack the shit out of my time management and network and take on a partner. I may not be able to take on big projects or invest 60 hours a week into something but I can put my energy into the things I can do.

I can also stop guilting myself for not being perfect. My kids will know they are loved even if I miss the occasional soccer game or recital. It’s time we stop pressuring ourselves so much to get everything done and start enjoying the time we have.

How about you? Have you found the elusive work-life balance? Or are you knee deep in guilt like me?

xoxo, laura

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