Learning Portion Control; A 21 Day Fix Review

I know, I know. I am SUPER late on a blog and even later on a review for the 21 Day Fix. The reason being is that I have spent the last few months actually DOING IT! 

Here is a little video explaining the program in whole:

So here’s the whole story. I did this program the first time and crushed the workouts. I lost 6lbs and 8 inches. I was super happy. But I had to be honest with myself. I didn’t really commit to the meal plan. I got the general idea but then I eyeballed it. 

After this, I tried a few more programs like PiYo and Body Beast, had great success building muscle and strength but something kept calling me back to the 21 Day Fix. I still wasn’t really losing weight due to my adrenal fatigue, hypoglycemia, and hypothyroidism and knew that I needed to focus more on my relationship with food.

And weirdly, even though I didn’t take advantage enough of the meal plan the first time, it was the meal plan and the emphasis on food and our relationship to it, that called me back.

I knew that I wanted to give it another shot. A real shot. 

In the end I did 3 rounds back to back. I lost 20lbs. 

Yep. The girl who couldn’t lose weight, lost weight. 

I could not tell you how rewarding it was to finally see the scale move after 10 years of struggling. 

I know I preach not letting the scale define you. And it wasn’t the largest change in my transformation, but it certainly helped validate all the work I was doing, if I’m being completely honest. 

But mostly, I feel like this program helped repair my relationship with food. After my hormones went haywire as a teenager, I tried every diet under the sun and began convincing myself that I wasn’t enough. I thought I needed to keep reducing my calories. I thought that I wasn’t working out hard enough.

So I starved myself. I took diet pills. I worked out to exhaustion. And it wasn’t sustainable. So I would burn out. Again. And again. And again. 

It began to take a toll on me and I thought I couldn’t trust myself around food. It led to a binge and purge mentality. I would eat junk and too much and then starve myself and diet like crazy.

Using the containers showed me that I actually don’t have to worry around food. I just have to balance. I can have bread (Iightbulb moment) in my life. I just have to balance it and have it in moderation. 

What a relief that was! It helped me forgive myself when I wasn’t perfect and move on. It helped me learn about portion control and balancing my food groups. I felt like I could actually trust myself and it gave me a new confidence that I had never had before. 

So, as much as I LOVE the workouts, the nutrition portion of this program is the gold. It’s literally life changing. It’s what I base my lifestyle on and I feel like I can eat like this for the rest of my life (because it’s NOT restrictive). 

If you have a lot of weight to lose or, like me, feel like nutrition was your biggest hurdle in your health and weight loss adventure, message me and let’s chat about changing that, for good. 

xx, laura

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