I Don’t Have Enough Time and Other Bullshit Excuses

When I talk to people about health and fitness and what I’m doing, I often get the line back, “I wish I could do that too, but I’m just SO busy right now.”


That is literally my reaction (not that I say that to anyone but I wish I could).

I am SO FUCKING TIRED of that excuse. And you know what? I’m sure my coach was too when I said it to her.

That’s right. I had the same exact excuse.

I was a mom to a toddler, worked full time and was starting my own business. I legit WAS busy.

Here’s the thing; I know you’re busy. We are ALL busy. Especially when you have kids and they are literally crawling all over you, the laundry buzzer is going, dinner is in the oven and you have about 2 hours worth of work to still do. Life is fucking busy. But guess what?

It’s not getting better any time soon.

We think that as soon as this project is over, we come back from that vacation, or the kid’s activities wrap up for the year, then we will have time to focus on fitness.


It’s complete and utter fucking bullshit. I know this because it’s what I told myself too.

But here’s the TRUTH: life is only going to get busier. A new project is going to come up. The kids will enroll in a new activity. And when you finally DO have a break, you are just going to want to relax and take a fucking break. You aren’t going to want to get up early, throw a DVD in before work and crank out a 30-minute workout. You are going to want to sleep in, go for breakfast and lounge.

So start now.

Don’t make the bullshit excuses. Wake up a half hour before or go to sleep a half hour late. Get sweaty on your lunch hour and invest in some dry shampoo and a stick of deodorant for the office. Skip House of Cards during the week and get sweaty. Your weekend self will appreciate the time to binge-watch.

Invest in a home workout program so you don’t have to waste time schlepping it to the gym. Go for a walk. Look up some short videos on Youtube. DO SOMETHING!

Life doesn’t wait for perfect circumstances and neither should you. If you want something you have to go after it. You have to sacrifice some things and get uncomfortable.

Life is not going to hand you your health. You have to make it a priority. And when you are in your 60’s and are still being active, can run around with your grandkids (or great grandkids) without quite so many groans and squeaks, you will thank yourself for the 30 minutes a day you invested in yourself.


It’s too expensive.

Taking a walk everyday costs you nothing. Going for a run costs you NOTHING. Youtube is FREE. You know what is expensive? Health care. Medication. Taking time off work. Gym memberships that you never use. Junk food. Cigarettes. Soda. You don’t have to invest in Shakeology or a Beachbody program to get healthy. They do make it easier and give you a great place to start but it’s not required. Start somewhere and do anything.

I’m don’t have enough energy.

Energy begets energy. I know it seems counter-intuitive but the more you use your body, the more energy it has. Here is scientific proof

I’m tired.

No Shit. Me too. See above. Get up, get moving and feel better and sleep better. Trust me.

I’m not into the fitness “thing.”

Living a longer life is not your thing? Feeling stronger and confident doesn’t appeal to you? Having your friends and family notice how much happier you are, how great you look and wanting to know more about your “glow” doesn’t sound like a good deal? Puh-fucking-leeze.

It’s boring.

I get it. Not everyone likes working out when they start. And not everyone likes working out every day that they do it. I still have plenty of days that getting up and working out fill me with dread. But in the immortal words of Mick Jagger “We can’t always get what we want. But if we try sometimes, you just might find, that you get what you need.” Yeah, I just quoted the Rolling Stones in an effort to guilt you into working out. Get used to it.

So, give me your best shot. What’s your excuse for not working out? I really want to know. I want you to throw the best thing you have at me and watch me crush it. I dare you. 

xx, laura


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