Fake It Till You Make It

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Let’s get real here. It’s all fun and games until shit hits the fan. I was live on Facebook this morning talking about how crazy life has been lately. 

I admit that my habits need an overhaul. Again.  My attitude has sucked lately and it has been a combination of being totally overwhelmed, tired and needing a win.

I know we could all use a win right now but it seems like life is throwing a bunch of stuff at us lately and while none of it is devastating, it’s like it’s slowly chipping away at us and will continue to do so unless something goes our way. Our breaking point is within sight and our “win” doesn’t need to be huge, just something to say “The world isn’t out to get you”

I have been slowly letting Stella getting sick a zillion times, a stressful financial situation and waaaaaay too many projects stress me out and I have gotten into a funk. I have let it drain me and take my will to change my circumstances but NO MORE! 

I used to deal with episodes of malaise like these by eating my weight in NIBS, peanut M&M’s and binge watching the entire Veronica Mars series (which I still do annually just to keep me fresh). And while it did wonders for my social life, when it was over the problems were all still…. there……

I know we all have times like these and something WILL slowly go our way but can it be right now? Please? Ugh. Whine. 

So, when life does this to us and we need an action plan, what do we do?


Yup. I said it. Put on some lip gloss, smile and get to work. I am going to drop my malaise like a bad habit (because, duh, it is) and smile my way happy. 

I get it. This sounds like a band-aid fix. And it might be. But forcing myself to have a better attitude will free up a bunch of time I had set aside for whining (and I am like, an Olympic whiner) and give me the push I need to actually FIX my problems. 

Need more money? Make more! 

I have multiple income streams including Beachbody. It’s time to get to work, buckle down and start hustling. I pride myself on my hustle and yet I have lost sight of that in the last few weeks. I can seek out new clients, finally redo my website and use social media to draw in new clients. 

Got out of my fitness routine?

Wake up early. Get it in. NO FUCKING EXCUSES! And the upside is that it will help me actually have a better attitude because…. endorphins. Science, bitches. It works. 

Want to keep my kid from getting sick?

Lock her in a plastic bubble and isolate her from life, germs, heartbreak and the Kardashians. Or, you know, probiotics….

The point is that sometimes life doesn’t go your way because life isn’t fair. And instead of letting myself make excuses for sitting in a dark corner, drinking a whole bottle of wine and eating all the peanut M&M’s (because they are the best ones and anyone who disagrees with me will be crushed) I can slap on a smile, get my workout in and do something about it. 

Till next time, Babes. I’ll just be over here with my cheeks up, teeth out and getting shit done. 


xx, laura

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