Drag Your Ass Out of Bed

Early morning workout FB event cover
Let’s face it. We all think we can get up at 6:00AM and get our workouts in for the day and move on with our life until…..morning comes. Our beds are just too comfortable! Our duvets are like a warm blanket of crack cocaine and candy just holding you hostage in a warm hug of comfort. Trust me, I am not a morning person. I SO get it.
But then, our alarm goes off for the 8th time and we HAVE to get out of bed or we will be late for work and the workeout gets shelved until “After Work”. Then “After Work” comes along and it’s time to make dinner, get the kid’s homework done, clean the house, fold the laundry, do the dishes, sweep, upholster the furniture and like maybe some light woodworking. This means the workouts just have to wait until morning. Again. And the cycle continues.
So wouldn’t it be nice if you actually got up when you alarm went off the FIRST TIME?! And you actually got your workout in before your coffee? And you had more energy, more time and the cloud of never-ending guilt just WENT AWAY?!
Join me for a 5 day challenge to get your sweet ass up and out of bed and moving before you do anything else. 5 days to get it right and set the tone for the week. To set a routine and actually stick with it for once! Oh, and I’ll throw in a clean eating challenge in there too.
RSVP “Going” to this event, make me your free Beachbody coach HERE (holler at me if you already have a coach or want to switch your coach to me) and I will include you in the closed group on Friday! We will spend the weekend getting ready and then Monday won’t know what hit it.
Can’t wait to see you bright and early! Click the button to register for the the event on Facebook.

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