2016; Challenge Accepted!

  This year is going to be my year. I am tired of setting these New Years resolutions and feeling the weight of the world when I can’t keep up with them or fall out of bad habits. This year will be different. This year I have Beachbody. 

I used to do the gym. The classes and cardio and gym rats used to make my head spin. Constantly having to rearrange my schedule based on their availability only to show up and have the class be full or your machine have a waiting line.

No waiting for me this year! Thankfully from the comfort of my own home, I am seeing results. Just 30-45 mins a day in my own living room whenever it suits me. There is no excuse to not do it. And that’s what I need. I can make enough excuses on my own without needing actual obstacles in my fitness 😂😂

That’s why I became a coach. I hold myself accountable to my squad of super awesome Babes. By checking in with each other we are motivating ourselves to actually live the healthier lifestyle we strive for. How many people can say they are actually becoming the best version of themselves? 
Join us January 4th as we embark on a month of goal setting, clean eating, and habit-making. We will start with a 5 day clean eating challenge followed by 21 days of fitness using any Beachbody program! 
What makes this round so awesome is that we will be setting goals and being held accountable for achieving them every week! Plus, let’s face it, it’s so much more fun to get fit when you are surrounded by a group of fabulous babes. 

   So, if you are ready to make health a priority this year (and seriously, who isn’t?) then join us for some actual lasting change. Drop your info and commitment below and I’ll send you the deets! 

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